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Eye of the Electric Universe - Original Art/Meme - Free Wallpaper



Here's a piece of digital art I've been working on for a few hours.


Download and use as wall paper on your computer by clicking HERE.

Feel free to use this art for your own projects if you dare to be a truthseeker.

I built the majority of this design in Adobe After Effects. The eye is the only thing not fully made, but edited in Photoshop then thrown into AE. Every star, nebula, and other elements are all unique that I can easily adjust and even make animated if I want. The flares are using Video Co-pilot.



  • Original Eye photograph used Source


This Electric Universe of Simulated Idea

A sample from Dr. Walter Russell's chapter "This Electric Universe of Simulated Idea" from the book A New Concept of the Universe:


Mind thinking is electric. Divided electric thought pulsations manifest creative desire in wave cycles of motion, which forever vibrate between the two electric thought conditions of CONCENTRATION and DECENTRATION.

Concentrative and decentrative sequences of electric thinking produce the opposed pressures of compression and expansion, which form solid bodies of motion surrounded by gaseous space in one wave pulsation, and reverse that order in the next.

Concentrative thinking is centripetal. It focuses to a point. It borns gravity. It “charges” by multiplying low potential into high and cold into heat.

Decentrative thinking is centrifugal. It expands into space. It borns radiation. It “discharges” by dividing high potential into low and heat into cold.

All motion is a continuous two-way journey in opposite directions between two destinations.

One destination is the apex of a cone in an incandescent center of gravity. At this point motion comes to rest and reverses its direction.

The other destination is the base of a cone encircling a cold evacuated center of radiation.
At this point motion again comes to rest and reverses its direction from centrifugal to centripetal.

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Here's a sneak peak into the book via video: