After 15 years of being on Youtube they've taken down our channel with no mention as to why. We will be moving over to


What is Cosmic Gnostic

In 2004 Cosmic Gnostic was born. The website began as a blog and radio podcast. These were the early days of podcasting and Cosmic Gnostic was one of a handful of podcasts that focused on things the mainstream would not.

For nearly 10 years Cosmic Gnostic provided news, radio, short video films, music, art, and more.

In 2004 Cosmic Gnostic went on an undetermined break, but now in 2016 has returned.

The original focus of CG was to look into the rabbit hole. To explore things that would instill knowledge, but also to expose the dark elements of our realities. After much time dwelling in such areas, and after the fact that there are so many other websites and such focusing on these topics the focus of CG has changed.

Today, CG is looking to continue to find things that instill knowledge, wisdom, truth, and bringing forth the foundations of the Universe which is Love. The world has gone so dark - Light must be the focus, and CG aims to help bring in this Love/Light. 

This is not a New Age concept, but a realistic approach to bring forth new ideas, technologies, and individual goals so that we all in harmony will create a NORMAL world where joy, happiness, and a fulfilled Life can be achieved for all Mankind.

This means we will assume that people know the dark deeds going on. That awareness has come to the point where we can all just focus on the betterment, and plant seeds of Love along the way.

CG is now a place to come to learn about new ideas. It's a place to connect with others who want the same.

CG is now providing radio, films, exclusively written articles (not cut and paste content farming), livestreams, and more.


About the Name

The name Cosmic Gnostic is to incite Universal Knowledge:




  1. the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.

    "he sat staring deep into the void, reminding himself of his place in the cosmos"

    • a system of thought.

      plural noun: cosmoses

      "the new gender-free intellectual cosmos"




  1. knowledge of spiritual mysteries.

Who is Cosmic Gnostic?

John KaleJohn F. Kale jr, is the main person who has driven this endeavor from the beginning. He is the host of the Cosmic Gnostic Radio Podcast, and is the main creator of the other projects you see around here.

John was born in Washington, D.C. and since being his father was in the USAF shortly after his birth moved to Okinawa, Japan. Once returning to the US, John and his family traveled the US, but it wouldn't be until he was 18 that he would begin to explore the entire country by moving around, and touring in the various bands he was in.

John is a man who enjoys creating art of all mediums. He makes music currently under the name Wirebender. John is a long time Graphic Designer and Digital Media Specialist with his freelance work under the name Dreamlab Media.

John has also been for many years an advocate for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and runs a 24/7 news website over at DailyBitcoin.News.

John works on all aspects of Cosmic Gnostic from the sounds you hear to the visual effects in all the departments.

John enjoys travelling and hopes to one day be able to live his dream and travel the world while doing Cosmic Gnostic, Dreamlab, and Wirebender.

John currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.