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An Esoteric Look into the Secret Magick Symbolism of The Labyrinth, By Jim Henson (1986)


The Labyrinth is another one of these early movies that influenced my life, and was something I was always intrigued by. Like my last piece on The Dark Crystal we're going to look at Jim Henson's movies coming from a different perspective rather than a simple review of the movie.

Something to note at the beginning of this, is I don't think Jim Henson was a Freemason, but these movies he made are loaded with suggestion that he was playing around with it in some how. I know he was a Christian Scientist, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I grew up on all of Henson's creations: Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock were some main staples to my early childhood. If only my parents knew I was being indoctrinated in the world of mysticism.

It's in my blood, though. My grandfather was a 32nd degree Freemason, and interestingly enough by the time he died he did not like the organization one single bit. That's another story for another blog some time.

So lets get into The Labyrinth!

The studio production company, Tri Star Pictures right off the bat is suggestive - Tri Star, or three stars is in reference to Orions belt or Osiris. As in my last piece with the Dark Crystal - the three stars is an important reference to Egypt. And here we see their logo possesses a pyramid and coming from Greek myth, Pegasus - a creature that can fly.


Once we get into the movie's beginning credit the very first thing you see is an owl. Owls are a very special symbol - which represent Wisdom... or esoteric wisdom since it is a nocturnal creature of the night (much like me). Sure, you can research on the internet and you'll soon see people attach it to the Illuminati, and such other things, but the symbol and idea of the owl is much much older.


In the Labyrinth, Jim Henson has decided the main symbol of magick he wants to use is the Obelisk.

The word Obelisk is derived from the Greek word obeliskos meaning "needle". Obelisks were set in pairs, at the entrances of temples, and to some Old Kingdom tombs and closely related to the cult of the Sun God Ra also known as Atum. Obelisks symbolized the stability and the creative force of Atum. (source).

The largest successfully made Obelisk is in Washington, DC by the way. It's a symbol of many, but for the most part it's to show the makers have the technological advances to be able to make them since they are so hard to make.

As you can see here in the first shot of the movie a symbolic moment is made. Three Obelisks - three stars...


They show the main character, Sarah, is reading from and acting out a play from the book she has, The Labyrinth. This is another symbolic shot.


And her dog, who is briefly in the movie is named Merlin. Merlin is a well known Wizard. A person who practiced esoteric magick, and alchemy. Merlin is a hero to those into mystical sects.


The next scene is important to remember. For one she is wearing a crown - playing as if she is the Goblin King, or the Goblin Queen. The fleur-de-lis' that you see on the crown is symbolic. It's a common symbol, but the esoteric meaning of the symbol is deeper than most know. The French word, fleur-de-lis means "flower of light" - or "flow-er of light" - The one who is believe to be the one to flow light into the world is Jesus Christ as well as Lucifer. The word Lucifer means "the bringer of light", or "the light bearer".


This film is full of magical creatures. Already Sarah has in her closet supernatural Goblins. In this scene they are hoping for and waiting on her to foolishly say magickal incantations to put a spell on her brother, Toby.


And look who peaks into her window... the owl!


After Sarah says the magick words, the Goblin King who is a wizard appears before her.


The Goblin King, or Jareth offers her a magick gift, a crystal ball...

Crystal balls have been used for scrying for thousands of years. Scrying is the art of looking into a reflective surface, such as glass, water, a mirror, or a crystal, to gain mystical insight. Most everyone is familiar with the image of a gypsy fortune-teller gazing into her crystal ball and divining someone's future. source


Her supernatural friends await, and hope she takes the offer...


Of course she doesn't accept it, at least not at this point... which is an interesting thing to think about. You'll realize why by the end of this.

Here we see the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is filled with obvious Obelisks.


What one should note is that Labyrinths became common in medieval times Europe, but they stem from the Greeks first discovering them in Egypt.


Medieval labyrinth

Moving along, Jareth tells Sarah she has 13 hours to get her brother back. In this world time is based off 13 hours.

.. many don’t know that one legend of the origin of Friday the 13th as unlucky comes from the persecution of the Knights Templar in the 14th Century. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, King Philip IV of France, in league with Pope Clement V ordered all Templars to be rounded up and thrown in prison. The Knights were accused of numerous crimes including heresy and treason. For two hundred years the Knights Templar had been the most dominant force in Christendom, but after their defeat at the Siege of Acre and the loss of the Holy Land, their influence began to wane. Source

The Knights Templar are associate with Freemasonry, especially the group my grandfather was associated with, The Scottish Free Rite.


This scene is quick, but it shows an Obelisk and the morning star rising... again another reference to Christ/Lucifer.


This is when Sarah first meets her soon to be new friend, Hoggle. Hoggle is played by Jim Henson's son, Brian Henson.


Hoggle is killing fairies... showing this world is full of Myst - mystery... the secret mysteries...

Off to the right, you'll see a stone sphere, and the Wizard's face.


I thought this scene was interesting, as Jareth sits on his throne. On the throne are rams horns - much like how Olgra in the Dark Crystal had them to symbolize Aries:

In ancient Egyptian astronomy, Aries was associated with the god Amon-Ra, who was depicted as a man with a ram's head and represented fertility and creativity. Because it was the location of the vernal equinox, it was called the "Indicator of the Reborn Sun". Source


During the above seen they sing a song call "Magic dance" - here's the clip:


Sarah approaches a set of doors that has these two guards. The scene is very loaded, but I'll point out a few things.

On the shields you have yin yang, checker board, runes (not sure what it says), pyramids, and etc... All themes and symbols that a mystic would want to play around with in his/her magick.

The checkerboard is a common theme in this movie, once again going back to Masons...I'll show another example later.


The Masonic Checkerboard is one of the most important symbols to the Illuminati, for it is used in ritualistic ceremonies. This is used because black and white is a symbol for duality, or the base of consciousness. Source

There's also a black Obelisk sitting on a sphere in between the two - interesting symbol suggesting magickal powers...


A time sundial - don't forget 13 hours.


After a certain point, Sarah eats psychedelics from a peach, and goes into a trance drifting off into another dimension. This is much like Alice in Wonderland.


It's like a party from Eyes Wide Shut...


In this scene they couldn't help but have a hidden checkerboard - the need to interject this stuff is all about the subconscious mind.


Eyes Wide Shut is certain a movie worth seeing if you want to get into the super creepy side of the Illuminati...


Eventually, Sarah gets to fight for her brother, Toby.

"As above so below"


At one point Jareth gives the magick crystal ball to Toby.


Sarah is able to get to the last stage of this realm and it looks as if she wins...


This scene shows that not only does Sarah get her brother back, but is gifted with the magick of the Goblin King Wizard... remember what I was saying at the beginning about her not accepting it right away?


When she gets back home, she realizes that she now possesses the power to what Jareth was - She is now the Goblin Queen Wizard! Remember the scene at the beginning with her wearing her crown?


All of her supernatural friends are with her, and they perform the "magic dance".


She possesses the magick and the wisdom of the owl is with her...


The last shot shows her owl going into the full moon. So since this all was done on a full moon is very timely, and a common time a mystic practices their craft.


That ends this journey in this movie. I hope you found it entertaining and educational at the same time.

It's obvious that Jim Henson was trying to convey something else than what is at the forefront of his movies. Obviously, he wanted to take children to a world of magic, but he also was showing hidden magick. It's up to you to decide if it was a good idea or not.