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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Secret Symbolism of the Movie - Flash Gordon (1980 Mike Hodges)

Flash Gordon was a great movie to grow up on. It's still one of these timeless movies that anyone would enjoy who likes science fiction. However, just as other movies I've been pointing out contain symbolism indoctrinating people into a world of mysticism, I'm here to prove that Flash Gordon can also be fitted among such ranks.

This one is particularly interesting as it's not so much focusing on an array of different symbols, but some of the behind the scenes hidden message is also apparent. But like how the other movies seem to center around Masonic/Illuminati types of symbolism we're going to see that in this as well. However, this one is deeper into the world of Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society.

Let's get started!

Now, right off the bat we are shown lightening bolts - it's not only the main symbol of Flash Gordon, but here you see Emperor Ming targeting earth and it shows them.


This symbol is derived from the Norse Rune called the Sowulo Rune.

> Sowulo Rune (also Sowilo ) is the sixteenth rune of the old futhark . The sound is 'S'. Sowulo is the eighth and final rune of the second Norse clans . This rune means sun . The rune symbolizing victory. source

This is why SS officers of National Socialist Germany used the symbol. It's a Germanic rune and symbolizes victory. Flash Gordon is a symbol in the movie as being the hero, and is victorious. He's also very Germanic looking. There's a point in the movie that references WWII I'll share later which is quite interesting.

We also have current examples in pop culture where wanna be Illuminati try to show in our faces as well as the one eye symbol.

The ring that Ming uses is curious. At the end I'll have a clearer image of it, but from what I can tell it's a cheetah arching over a sphere:

Here we see Ming, and on his chest is an 8 pointed star. This symbol is throughout Mings Empire.


> The eight-pointed star, or octagram, is used in many cultures and has many meanings. To the Gnostics it was known as the "Octagram of Creation"; to the ancient Chinese, the representation of the universe; to Buddhists it can symbolize the eight-fold path of the Buddha; others call it the Star of the Magi. The octagram is also known as the Angel Star, which is said to call on the angels for guidance and protection. source


Ming is another Magi/Wizard type of King. He uses magick throughout the movie. So when I see this symbol on other characters it seems to signify their ranks, but it's not the only symbol. He seems to like this one more than the others.

The following is not symbolic, but it does remind me of conspiracy theories surrounding HAARP and weather manipulation.


The beginning credits show Mings 8 pointed star.


This doesn't mean much since it's the only time we see such Chinese symbolism, but here we see dragons.


> Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and Chinese folklore. ... Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. source

Mystics generally use the magick technology of those all around the world. Freemason's are a famous group who do this, but it's extended to many others like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The "wormhole" they go into looks like an eye.


The following symbol on these psychic robot looking things.


The above symbol is also common throughout the movie on many of the characters. It reminds me of two symbols.

> In Aleister Crowley's Thelema, the hexagram is usually depicted with a five-petalled flower in the centre which symbolises a pentacle. The symbol itself is the equivalent of the ancient Egyptian Ankh, or the Rosicrucian's Rosy Cross; which represents the microcosmic forces (the pentacle, representation of the pentagram with 5 elements, the Pentagrammaton, YHSVH or Yahshuah) interweave with the macro-cosmic forces (the hexagram, the representation of the planetary or heavenly cosmic forces, the divine). source

It looks like this;


But it also looks like the Freemason symbol of the square and compass:


Now, the next scene introduces to us these soldiers of Ming's and one of the symbols on their armor is depicted here.


That symbol is almost exactly like the Ukraine symbol;


>The official coat of arms of Ukraine is a gold trident on an azure background. As a state emblem the trident dates back to Kievan Rus*, when it was the coat of arms of the Riuryk dynasty. There are various theories about its origins and meaning. A trident was the symbol of Poseidon, the sea god of Greek mythology. source


image source

The following scene is loaded. On the left back you have a pyramid with at the top is the eight pointed star that looks like an eye (as you should know is representing the famous all seeing eye on the pyramid). On the far right you see a statue of Ming and his eyebrows are pyramids and his eye sits in the middle of the pyramid. Also, his soldiers have the Jewish 6 pointed star.


The "Star of David" 6 pointed star on Ming's soldiers. This symbol is the third main symbol characters use throughout the movie. Let me also say - it is the symbol of Metatron (Metatron's cube), who is an Archangel in Judaism. The word Meta-Tron is Greek for "Beyond Matrix".

Here is a clearer example of it.


Flash Gordon with his Sowulo Rune on his back.


Emperor Ming.

Ming looks just like Anton LaVey from the Church of Satan:


image source

Prince Barin, leader of the Treemen (European Pagans) bares the all seeing eye.

You have Prince Vultan, leader of the Hawkmen who bears the 6 pointed star on his head, and looks like an Archangel. He also has a symbol on his chest showing to wings intertwined over a sun...kind of an all seeing eye symbol.

Up to this point we've been introduced to all of the symbols they use for the most part. They all bare them together, yet the different tribes all fight one another. Kind of interesting considering they're all obviously part of the same cult.

Ming and Klytus.

Football player soldiers with 6 pointed stars.

8 pointed star.

I thought this scene was interesting. Klytus looks like some kind of Magi with his magick hour glass.

This scene is when they "resurrect" Flash Gordon from the dead. This scene alone is symbolic. Flash Gordon is the savior character of the movie. He's a symbol of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Above the door you see 4 pyramids in all four directions.

Here Princess Aura (energy field) on her forehead and outfit bares the 6 pointed star.

This scene is where things get interesting as Ming tries to brainwash Dr. Hans Zarkov, the scientist.

In the above scene Ming tells us who his god is. He says "I call upon the god, Dyzan". This is another reference to;

>“The Secret Doctrine,” the master work of H.P. Blavatsky, is a two volume book which begins with and is based upon stanzas and verses from what she called “The Secret Book of Dzyan.” source.

That is another reference to The Theosophical Society. So this confirms the meaning of one of the symbols mentioned in this blog.

Kayla and he 6 pointed star with Crowley star symbols.

In the attempted brainwash, Zarkov is having his memory wiped. All of his memories consist of having a funeral for the death of his wife and he obviously shows he's Jewish...


Then he has consistent flashes of Adolf Hitler...



... as well as of owls...

Strange scenes of Jews being bombed - referring to the Holocaust? I've read a lot into WWII, I've never heard of bombings of Jews...


All of his memories were mostly of WWII. Strange to put this in the movie. Then again Hitler also kicked out the Freemasons.

This woman's headdress is with upside down pyramids, and arrows pointing down...

The Treemen having an initiation ceremony...

The Treemen are obviously the Robinhood characters...

Their pagan priest. Interesting how there are several types of magi in this movie.

Briefly, Flash has an outfit with a winged shield.

The following scene continues on the bizarre scene from Zarkov's brainwashing attempt. He says:

"But do you know why it really failed? As I was going under I started to recite Shakespeare, the Talmud, the formula's of Einstein - anything I could remember, even a song from the Beatles. It armored me girl."

Interesting he chose the Talmud rather than the Torah. The Talmud is a bit more esoteric, and also a bit controversy too (I won't get into it here).

The Hawkmen, or I think of them as the Archangels..

Zarkov and the 6 pointed star.

Flash has another outfit with his Viking Rune on his chest.

Archangel Magi...

Welp, we couldn't have a movie like this without things being in our faces. They always need to inject the Pyramid with the all seeing eye. It's their calling card. Here's the pyramid with flat top...

When that force field is taken down here you can clearly see the all seeing eye...

Lastly, a closer look at Mings ring.

Well there you have it on this one. There were a lot more scenes where on the buildings had symbols... a few more characters who had them too, but this should be suffice enough to see that there's hidden symbolic messages and ideas being put forth beyond the main story line.

The purpose as to why this is done is up for you to decide and ponder on. I'm merely trying to present something coming mostly from an objective standpoint.

All very very interesting and it cannot be denied that there's more than meets the eye.

I hope you enjoyed this, and were entertained all the while learned something new.

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