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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Secret Symbolism Behind the Movie: Blade Runner (1982 Ridley Scott)

What you may be watching in movies, may not be what you are seeing. Seeing is sometimes subliminal, and idea's and initiations are made without the conscious awareness of such things. In this blog I am here to prove once again that things are hidden in plain sight and for this time we will be taking a look at, Blade Runner.

These movies, when those casting these subliminal spells, are generally using the same symbolism over and over again. You'll start to see a pattern, and it's because these people are or were involved in the same cult of ideas. Now, whether or not they are intended for nefarious purposes is subjective. I've personally found that it's both - and depends on the intentions.

Here are a few of the common symbols to look for:

Pyramid with the "All Seeing Eye"



Chess/Checkered Board

The Masonic Checkerboard is one of the most important symbols to the Illuminati, for it is used in ritualistic ceremonies. This is used because black and white is a symbol for duality, or the base of consciousness. Source



image source


And in this movie we find uniquely...



image source


Long considered the stuff of legends and fairy tales, the unicorn—as a symbol—holds a special place in the world of “mystical Christianity” and other esoteric teachings. Manly P. Hall, in his monumental work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, said this concerning the unicorn,

Mediaeval Christian mystics employed the unicorn as an emblem of Christ, and this creature must therefore signify the spiritual life in man. The single horn of the unicorn may represent the pineal gland, or third eye, which is the spiritual cognition center in the brain.

The unicorn was adopted by the mysteries as a symbol of the illumined spiritual nature of the initiate, the horn with which it defends itself being the flaming sword of the spiritual doctrine against which nothing can prevail. Source

As a Mystic, I use these symbols myself - and I'm not here to hurt/hide/harm.


Alot of the times these things made "hidden" is so that when people are ready for them, and their consciousness is raised to a certain point they will see it as a way to find others who too are on the same level.

Anyway, let's get into what can be seen in Blade Runner!

Like the other movies I've presented - they start off the movie right away with their hidden message - first with an eye...


And in the future apparently the powerful elite on earth live in pyramids... And Ridley Scott just had to have a air vehicle go just right over the pyramid symbolizing the eye...


The entire movie focuses on the Eye - it's a constant theme in this one.

The one eye represents the inner minds eye - the pineal gland - the seat of the soul. It is found all over the world within spiritual practices. The third eye. The gland itself releases a chemical called DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine and is the main substance naturally released in the body (but illegal in society) that causes spiritual experiences when secreted onto the brain. Look it up.


In the movie are Replicants. Cyborgs who are at the center of the movie being hunted down by "Blade Runner's" - ironically all of this happening now in 2016-2020. :)




This building is constant, because this is where the creator of the replicants lives. He is their creator god - the "father" as they call him.


The creator scientist has a cyborg owl that is constantly seen.

The first comment that cyborg Rachael makes is "Do you like our owl"?


And when you see her behind her is an Egyptian Obelisk (another common symbol/structure) and statues of owls.


Blade Runner is particularly deeper with how these symbols are presented - using tricks of the eye. Ridley Scott is known to do this in all of his movies. All of them show this kind of stuff.

I thought the following scenes were particularly clever. Look at the slanted building and the position of the Morning Star/Sun "Lucifer" Bearer of Light:


Quite obvious...




The buildings from time to time hide the pyramid with eye too - can you see it here?


The first scientist the Replicants try to seek help for life longevity (another interesting deeper symbol thing) is the eye designer...


When the head Replicant talks to the scientist Hannibal Chew and says something interesting;

"If only you could see what I see with your eyes" < God


At a certain point Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford has a symbolic dream of a Unicorn... Remember this. This will be the mind blower.


Rick is investigating, and visits the cyborg snake maker, who is wearing a Masonic Shriner's hat.


Then there's J.F. Sebastian, another scientist designer that helps build cyborgs. In the following scene he is sitting with his creations (which are an odd deep psychological symbolic gesture of the mind). Look at what's in the top right hand side. Can you spot it?


A Unicorn!

Again, here we see not only the owl being accented in the scene but it's part of a chess game.


Roy Batty, the main cyborg goes to try and meet his maker, so we see the Owl again sitting near pyramid patterns...


Before entering the room to meet the cyborg maker, Dr. Eldon Tyrell - he is playing chess showing the symbol of duality / black/white - yin yang




Look at the following scene. This is a symbolic moment of where the Dr. is wearing all white and has black hair. The cyborg is wearing all black with white hair.


It's all about duality - we are in a dualistic reality - yin yang


The cyborg kills his maker - the kiss of death.


Again, scenes like this are good to look into - I could probably write a whole blog on this one scene alone - "All the world's a stage"...


The final scene is the most interesting to me. In one way it explains why Rick Deckard had his Unicorn vision/dream - because he's saving his cyborg girlfriend from the guy who makes origami's, but this is all about interjecting the symbol of the Unicorn.







Isn't that amazing?!?!


I hope you have been open to see things that you might have not realized before. All of the media for the most part is doing this one way or another.

It's the power of media - which is magick. Something to think about...