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Speaking Truth: The New Hardest Thing to Do in the Age of Disinformation



How do I craft this blog to where it resonates and makes sense to those who "think" they know truth?

I can't.

How do I pass on the countless of hours of research I've spent for decades to pass it on to people in a succinct way for people to get by the time they end the short blog? I can't.

I'm one who has dug deep my whole life, but what was it worth if I can't talk about what I know?

I am one who looked(s) into the abyss simply to know then share. Can't do that anymore...

Sometimes that journey has led me into rabbit holes that can be quite dark itself... but one thing I know is that I gained gnosis from it... Knowledge.

Most people aren't willing to do that, either. Most people will only skim the surfaces of life and get by happily by doing so, but for some reason I've always been a person who just simply wants to know reality as it REALLY is...

Doing so and coming out expecting the rest of the world to expect truth has been foolish on my part. And I should not be angry when people speak so ignorantly about what they deem as truth as they gain it from the HIStory channel, CNN, Alex Jones, or any other person/people who've been telling you "truth" when real Truth is gained by the journey of seeking it.

Don't get me wrong, I myself don't know everything. We all have this blind spot when it comes to ultimate Truth. But there's so much to say, and the ignorance of truth leeches are abound... those you listen to that podcast, or watch this documentary and feel they know about, everything... You don't.

Truth is not easy. It's not pretty. It's real. Truth, if you really seek it will often times beat you down, and then if you speak of the REAL Truth 99% of people out there will beat you down and try to destroy you simply because you've brought up something that's sore within them deeply. People destroy what they don't understand.

I've experienced so much of this, it's not funny. I can create these emotions in a person in an instant. Why? Because I've at least begun to understand things in my 40 years of life and my 34 years of literal truth seeking experience know's how to trigger it in people. Give me 5 seconds, and I promise I can trigger you, and if you did diligent research (you won't), you would come back telling me I was right. I'm not arrogant about this, I just understand the multitudes of levels within this. This has only become easier as people go further and further away from reality...

Yet, doing so isn't right for me, either. In order to do so I need to be armed with the things to back up with what I say, but the problem with that is TIME.

Time to lay it all out for people to understand, is the issue. I don't have time to spend a week explaining every nook and cranny into it all to only come from it from people barely grasping it. I've learned at the end of the day, people don't REALLY care... so it's a waste of time.

I literally wish I could simply hand over a USB device for you to download in your brains in an instant so we could get past the time of back and forth perspectives in order to have a civilized dialog. Dialog is the way of the past... violent reactions to different perspectives/ideas/truth is now the new norm. Even posting this blog itself is a dangerous feat for my well being.

I can't help it. It's my nature...


The Age of Disinformation

10 years ago I would of called it the "Age of Information". You could go online or read these things called books and research to your hearts content and find anything and everything then talk to someone and even if they disagree'd the two could walk away still as friends. Nowadays, I don't believe this to be true. There are so many roadblocks created where if I simply say certain words the overreacting sensitivity in people these days kicks in within a heartbeat.

It used to not be that way... or at least around folks I used to hang around. People would at least hear you out, and if they totally disagree'd well then it would just be brushed off. Nowadays, you speak about certain things and it can be detrimental to your well being.

Makes me wish I were more Anonymous with my identity. At least then I could do that, then move onto "being" another person and quickly restructure. It's too late for me. I've put my face/name out there so now I have to self censor.

Self censorship is the the worst form of censorship too, but what choice do I make? If I were to come out fully with things I would LOVE to talk about with civilized people, then only consequences would be the destruction of my rep and life. I've already experienced it.

It's so sad... there's so much to say and share, but we are in the Age of Disinformation and lies, and even those who say things are censor free, only mean the opposite. We're entering an even darker age of darkness than the "Dark Ages" on this route.

I would love to speak Truth, but that doorway is coming to a close. I think it's the case for all of us. We are entering literal 1984 reality with a "Ministry of Truth" telling us what we can say or not. Step outside of the box and you'll be kicked to the curb.

And there are protectors of this "Ministry of Truth" growing in mass, where people simply reading this will want to lash out simply because I'm bringing this up. I can already sense the noses scrunching and the eyebrows raising. The need and desire in these "protectors" to destroy is there as I write this and as they read on.

A person can't even be human, and make a simple mistake of being wrong these days... which is human btw. How dare I say something wrong! Mistakes are not an option! To do so, you'll be disassembled.


Such a Shame...

No more arguing... no more dialog... no more Truth.

I see this as a spiraling effect. Things and people will become so stupid in the future because they can't converse about things we've all been bombarded with generational propaganda that spans before our grandparents.

I am so happy that I was fortunate to live when we could gain knowledge, truth, and understand our world then have intelligent conversations. Now, at this point I will simply do as the others like Lao Tsu did and simply leave this to observe the collapse of society and return to being one with the Way...