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Is The Internet Some Kind of Alien Taking Over The World?


I've been having this thought bounce around my head lately. Perhaps it's come onto me from having my Youtube channel taken down, or maybe it was seeing how censored and repressive things are becoming. But I keep thinking about a possibility... Perhaps even a conspiracy theory that I've not seen much on anywhere.

Could the internet be some sort of alien that has been working on taking over the entire planet? If you think about it one could see how this might be a possibility. Prior to 1994 I remember life being a lot different than when AOL (America Online) came onto the scene. Prior to then people didn't really care about computers. But when social media (or anti-social media) companies came out - specifically AOL the internet blasted onto the world stage.

I know I was hooked right away. Having the ability to communicate with people, finding those who have similar interests was easier than before.

But look at where internet has gone. 

Even today there was an article posted about How Algorithms Secretly Run the World. This is so true... think about how algorithms or bots secretly run around all over the anti-social media platforms and websites giving us an impression of the world we live in based on what these bots think we like/dislike. These days on my Twitter accounts I can't even tell who's real or not. Everyone seems to have these bots that respond to you if you add them. And now that Google, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Steemit, and everyone else is going Stalin style repression how are things going to shape up in years to come?

Whether you like or dislike David Bowie, in the following interview he did have some very interesting insights about the internet. It was 1999 and he predicted it, and even some on the "alien" idea:

What if this alien is something that's being created to control us? Was this the original intentions by DARPA? I wouldn't be surprised. Government, a word that in latin means "control minds" has long been in the business of doing such things to mass population. Check out this documentary on the origins of this. There's some powerful scenes in it where they got 1000's of people to riot against each other.

It's like there's a combination of things here... a sort of viral alien that's found its way into our technology and it's growing faster and faster every day. AI is seeping into everything, and if you look at how things are getting on a political level this thing is obviously trying to create a bigger world war than ever before. The first two world wars were horrific for all of the West, in years to come if things don't settle down it's going to get bad.

When I see all of these riots the Left are perpetrating I can tell they've been brainwashed by this AI alien into doing such things. All of that is to create division and civil war. For when they have a people so divided they are easily controlled and it's working.

Take away a persons ability to feed his family things will get even worst. This is the kind of environment companies like Amazon are creating by removing all, but 3 human workers.

If I were an alien race seeking to take over the Earth this is how I would do it, too. I just wonder how long this has been going on and if "they" will ever reveal themselves to u.